Protozoology of Czech Society for Parasitology

2009 report now available (MS Word document, 31 kb)

Czech Section of Protozoology of Czech Society for Parasitology was established in 1964 in Prague. The principle aims of the Society are to foster an association of persons interested in protozoology and membership is open to all persons having such an interest. Members of the Society (78 members from 4 countries) assert their activity in basic and applied research, teaching at universities, hygienic services, human and veterinary diagnostic laboratories, and other institutions where knowledge of parasites is required. Each year the Society gives an Annual meeting and several lectures. The Society together with Section of Helminthology and Medical Parasitology publishes a bulletin "Newsletter of the Czech Society for Parasitology" (quarterly, in Czech).


Vladimir Hampl
Department of Parasitology
Faculty of Science
Charles University
Czech Republic