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The Society grants several awards each year. Of particular interest for students are the Jahn-Bovee award, given for the best student presentation at the Society meeting, and the Holz-Conner Travel Award, which helps students and young investigators with travel costs. More senior investigators are recognized for their contributions to protistology with the Hutner, Corliss and Trager awards.

Holz-Conner Applications

2016 Holz-Conner applications are now being accepted!

Applications for the 2016 Holz-Conner awards are due on March 15 2016 (late applications will not be considered). If you wish to apply, submit the form (downloadable form) by email to the chair of the Awards Committee, David Montagnes (

Hutner Prize call for nominations

Society members who have made outstanding contributions in some area of protozoology and are within 15 years of their PhD (or comparable terminal degree) are eligible for the Hutner Prize. Along with the prestige that accompanies this award, recipients are given a cash prize provided by the endowed Hutner Fund and are invited to present a special lecture at the following Annual Meeting of the Society.

Members are strongly encouraged to submit nominations for the Hutner Prize accompanied by the names of three individuals who could be approached to write supporting letters. Those writing support letters must be familiar with the nominee's research activity and be authorities in the area of specialty. Nominees will remain in the active file for three years or until the end of their eligibility.

ISOP Awards:
  The Seymour H. Hutner Prize
This prize is awarded annually to an outstanding scientist in the field of Protozoology who is recognized on an international level and is not more than 15 years from the Ph.D. or equivalent degree. (Made possible by an endowment provided by the friends of Dr. Seymour H. Hutner)

A list of the Hutner Prize awardees is available.
  The Theodore L. Jahn and Eugene C. Bovee Award
This award is made to the graduate student presenting the best paper or poster at the annual meeting.

  The George G. Holz, Jr. & Robert L. Conner Travel Fund
This fund is used for travel awards, especially for students and young investigators, to promote participation in annual meetings of the International Society of Protistologists.

  The John O. Corliss Systematics Award
This award is presented to a member of the Society for an outstanding paper in ciliate systematics.

  The William Trager Award
To honor his distinguished career in protozoology and his leadership role in establishing The Journal of Protozoology, the Society of Protozoologists established in 1998 the William Trager Award for Outstanding Paper of the Year. Each calendar year, the Editorial Board of The Journal will choose a paper from among those published in that annual volume as the recipient for this award.