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For Fun

  Songs about Protists:
  • Protist rap

  • Amoeba Hop (by Christine Lavin) - Real Audio, 4k

    "I wrote the song is the early 1980s, but it was inspired by my first look into a microscope in Mr. Kristoph's 9th grade biology class. Classmate Betty Ann Murphy brought a bucket of swamp water into the classroom and when I looked at what was going on down there, I was stupefied! That was in 1967, so it took quite a while for the song to morph past the incubation stage (and amazing to me that I remember the details so vividly. But I do!). If I had gotten that peek into one-celled goings-on earlier, maybe today I'd be a scientist and not a songwriter..." Christine Lavin, 2002.

    Christine Lavin

    Amoeba Hop Book Cover

    illustrator, Betsey Feeney.

    art copyright©Betsy Franco Feeney

  • Chlamydomonas (by Andy Offutt Irwin)

    A fun song about everyone's favorite alga. Inspired by a biology class and sung by Andy Offutt Irwin from his "Banana Seat" album.

    Protistan blues (by the Society's own Peter "Sneaky Pete" Rizzo)