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Protists are excellent learning tools for students at all levels. Common pond-water or marine species are easily collected and make interesting subjects for viewing even in low-powered microscopes. Fossil-forming species, such as coccolithophores or foraminiferans, are a good introduction for concepts in geology and evolution. Older students will find protists to be excellent subjects for experimentation in areas such as cell biology and ecology. The unusual and striking forms of these organisms also make them good subjects for artists.

  Online Learning Tools:
  Video/DVD teaching programs:
  • The Biology of Protists (20 minutes) (see guide at:
  • The Biology of Algae (20 minutes) (see guide at:
  • Phyotopia
    "Phytopia" has a wealth of new images, animations, microscope- and satellite-derived data sets, and multimedia tools to discover why the marine ecosystem is critical to human existence. A pre-release version of the CD was tested by students (Grade 7 - undergraduate), educators, and scientists at 34 institutions in Britain, Germany, Russia, and throughout the U.S.