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Our membership processing form is handled through the Website of our publisher, Wiley, and can be found at . This page will accept all memberships, even those that do not involve subscribing to the journal.


To encourage anybody interested in protists to join ISOP and discover the benefits of belonging to our dynamic organization, ISOP has approved two special offers for any NEW member:

1) A free copy of the Illustrated Guide to Protozoa (2nd edition) to any new member who joins at the regular rates (while supplies last; member must pay for shipping - $11.95 in the USA; $27.95 in Canada and Mexico, $45.95 elsewhere). To claim this offer, contact Michael Dolan (


2) Free trial membership. The one-year trial membership includes full on-line access to the journal and other society publications, and eligibility for travel grants and awards. It does not include other benefits such as discounts on meetings or page charges, or the free copy of IG2.

Available membership categories:

Regular Membership is open to anyone with an interest in protozoa and related protists. Regular members have all usual privileges of membership and receive The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology, the Newsletter and Abstracts of Annual Meetings of the Society of Protozoologists.

Student Membership is available to students upon certification of student status by a member, or the Department Chairperson. Student members have the privileges of regular members.

A Corresponding Membership is available. Corresponding members have the privileges of regular members, but do not receive The Journal of Eukaryotic Microbiology.

Emeritus membership

If you are having difficulties with the online application form, you may print it out and mail it to the address given on the website. For customer service, write to