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Algal and protistan biodiversity in the area around Guam: http://university.uog.edu/botany/474/


A team of scientists, graduate students and undergraduate students have developed a dynamic web flora, "Antarctic Freshwater Diatoms", that combines taxonomic, location, and ecological data collected over more than a decade in the McMurdo Dry Valleys region of Antarctica.


The database takes a technologically novel approach by linking microscope images, scanning electron micrographs, original taxonomic descriptions, species geographic distributions, species assemblage data, maps, and permanent archives.
The database is designed to link published taxonomic information and microscopic observations in such a way that establishes regionaltaxonomic consistency, compiles published regional taxonomic data, and allows easy access to different forms of information (images, text, etc.). We are interested in using the site as a model for
regional taxonomic databases, as an effective way to recognize and communicate species endemism and biodiversity.

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Fiona J. Scott & Harvey J. Marchant (eds)
Published by Australian Biological Resources Study, Canberra and Australian Antarctic Division, Hobart
viii + 563 pages; ISBN 0 642 56835 9 (hardcover)
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This work is a comprehensive guide to the protists that live in the surface waters and sea-ice south of .the Antarctic Polar Front. More than 550 species are described and superbly illustrated with over 1300 light and electron micrographs and drawings. A bibliography of more than 1100 entries and a thorough glossary will make Antarctic Marine Protists an indispensible resource for marine biologists.


Introduction, Harvey J. Marchant & Fiona J. Scott 1

Systematic Arrangement of Taxa 5

Diatoms, Fiona J. Scott & David P. Thomas 13

Dinoflagellates, Andrew McMinn & Fiona J. Scott 202

Silicoflagellates, Gustaaf M. Hallegraeff 251

Haptophytes: Order Prymnesiales, Harvey J. Marchant & Fiona J. Scott & Andrew T. Davidson 255

Haptophytes: Order Coccolithophorales, Claire S. Findlay, Jeremy R. Young & Fiona J. Scott 276

Chrysophytes, Harvey J. Marchant & Fiona J. Scott 295

Prasinophytes, Harvey J. Marchant 308

Chlorophytes, Fiona J. Scott 316

Cryptophytes, Fiona J. Scott & John van den Hoff 317

Euglenoids, Fiona J. Scott 319

Cyanophytes, Harvey J. Marchant   324

Choanoflagellates, Harvey J. Marchant  326

Ciliates, Wolfgang Petz   347

Protista Incertae Sedis, Fiona J. Scott & Harvey J. Marchant  449

Glossary  470

Bibliography 489

Copyright Permission 542

Index 549

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